Excluded from the classroom

Until she was found by volunteers, Jennifer never went to school. Due to her disability her family didn’t think she could or should attend, local teachers were not able to support her and the local school was not equipped to help.

Unfortunately, Jennifer's story is not unique. For many children living in developing countries, having a disability will mean they may never see the inside of a classroom.

An estimated 90% of children with disabilities in low income countries do not go to school.

Global Partnership for Education

Excluded from education, these children are pushed further to the edges of society and denied the opportunities given to others. They are unlikely to ever escape poverty.

Every child deserves an education

Volunteers like Mary are working for change. Alongside local partners, they are searching for other children like Jennifer who are trapped at home, denied an education and looking at a very bleak future.

Volunteers are training teachers, supporting schools and educating communities about disability. They're working to change attitudes and ensure children affected by disability have the support they need to get an education.

Last year in Ghana we reached 23,700 children, including 837 vulnerable children such as those with disabilities. Join the fight for every girl's future.